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Dear Followers,

I’m looking for some help. I’m not the best at always finding things on the interwebs, so I’m hoping some of you are. I’m looking for some simple stone crescent/pincher earrings (I need a pair, not just one for a septum, though if inexpensive enough I am content with two septum pieces) in an 8g. I would love to have turquoise or malachite, or some form of agate of a cool (as in versus warm) colour scheme.

I’m trying to take my ears from 10g to 8g, and while I have some nice howlite plugs on the way, I feel I need the nice curve of a crescent to help stretch them to my desired size. And, I would like to be able to add some colour, other than black horn or white bone (both of which I already have).

I have only been able to find acrylic or glass or metal—also bone, horn, and woods—but I am in love with stones of all kinds. In fact, that’s the reason I’m going up to a larger size, because most stones are too delicate for the smaller gauges. But, short of buying a piece of my stones of choice and carving it myself (which I am nearing getting ready to do), I would prefer to have a more experienced hand having created my earrings.

So… Any and all suggestions and references?

James River City project

I want to write a story about Richmond. This city that I’ve come to love and live in, it’s a visceral city. It’s a city that knows it’s own and knows what it has owned. There’s a story about it that’s itching to bleed from my fingers.

So, I went through my writings tag on here and pulled from things I’ve written about it, or that make me think of it. I want to somehow craft a short story (or series?) using them as inspiration or as part of it.

But I want to know what other people think of when they think of—or visit—Richmond. Answer this, send me a message—I very well might use your input, or at least use it to lead me in similar directions.

What do you think of when someone mentions Richmond?